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Starting life as just a geek in a shed, The Code Guy (Paul), produces software and web based solutions as well as devleloping SaaS solutions.  
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From rapid prototypes (something quick to test out your idea, see if it's feasible, try with a few clients before committing to a much larger build) to data manipulation and management systems, and of course websites, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps. This is our core - taking your idea, your problem, and solving it.  Paul  "The Code Guy" has vast experience in analysing a business, identifying issues, areas that can be improved on and speccing and ultimately developing a solution to improve your business.

We're your development partner- with stonking designers


ASP.Net content management and order management for bespoke websites...


The all in one Client, Team, Project and Task Management platform.


Our innovative new way to order lunch

We continue to work on Find the Needle with ongoing maintenance work and updates to their website.

We give regular support and updates for Citizens Advice Uttlesford; with ongoing support we also get great cups of tea!

Online based patient/client referral web application and mobile app

Acticheck keeps your loved ones safe; we built the database, portal, service layer and communication system that works with the band. The product works with the Assure™ personal alert system, 3-tier web application.

A betting shop touchscreen display that offers news, tips, results and statistics for horse racing, greyhound racing and football

We have a long standing relationship with English Cream Tea; we now work to maintain and update their ecommecre website and enjoy all the wonderful treats they bring to our meetings.

We're ready to get stuck in whenever you are...it all starts with an email

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5 Common Reasons Why Apps Flop

Glance quickly at the phone in your pocket… Go on, don’t be shy… See those applications you’ve downloaded? They’re a very rare breed because so, so many apps burn into oblivion once they reach the marketplace

5 Things Your Website Could Probably Do Better

5 Things Your Website Could Probably Do Better

Perfection often dangles just out of reach, perhaps so close that it’s under our very noses. The Code Guy has seen its fair share of websites that are lacking a certain something… an ingredient here, or an omission there, that throws their user experience off from utter brilliance.

What A Web Audit Can Teach You

What A Web Audit Can Teach You

You know that feeling you get at the end of the year? The gradual realisation that you may have dipped somewhat in your health regime, or forgotten a resolution you made 12 months ago? Well, it extends to business too, as a website can suffer from bad patches, losing conversion rates and search engine rankings under your nose.

5 Tools Every Business Should Take Note Of

5 Tools Every Business Should Take Note Of

It’s fairly tough to get ahead in business without being wise to technology. Anything that assists your efficiency, profitability and client relationships can only pay off in the years ahead of you. That initial investment, for a tool that takes a scalpel to your operations and gives them a new body, is worth making on all accounts.

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