Fresh: Bespoke Content Management

Most websites built these days are built on top of a content management system - a way to allow you to edit and add content to your own site without getting the geeks involved.  Some sites are build on top of templates and can be integrated easily with off-the-shelf systems such as Wordpress or Magento.  When you're doing 'normal' things with your website, this is often a good way to go (although make sure you keep it up to date and any plugins up to date - off-the-shelf can often mean vulnerable to attack unfortunately).   However when you need to do something more bespoke - a site that will push the capabilities of the internet, something that's not been built as a plugin, off-the-shelf systems can lead you in to a lot of headache and trouble.  So we built Fresh...

Fresh is not designed to get you a website out of a box and to strap on a template (although...).  It is a framework for building out a bespoke website, on top of clean html from your designers, with the unbelievable power of a custom ORM under the hood (ORM - we use to talk to the database, there are many around but none as flexible as ours).  If you want to extend it, then it's simple.  If you want to build a login area for your clients with your own functionality behind it - that's possible, and you're not going to end up with 100 logins to manage for the different systems you've installed.

When it comes to editing, all editing happens inline - that means you just need to be logged in and you can edit the text in place, upload new images, in place, and preview, in place.  You don't have to write text in an editor, and hope it looks the same when pulled through to the front - you're editing with the website styles in place.

If you would like a demo, or would like to know more, please drop us a line...

or phone 0207 438 2086