Website Maintenance: To Outsource Or Not To Outsource?

Website Maintenance: To Outsource Or Not To Outsource?

Yet, in some cases, business owners like having total control over development. Platforms like WordPress and Joomla supply you with the basic tools to create and maintain a professional site. So let’s bring these two approaches to a head, and figure out what’s best for you…

Variety or convenience?

The first round in our debate centres on the scope of your vision. Since there are as many websites as there are grains of sand on a Cornish beach, nothing much can be gained from falling in line with the pack, being one copycat portal amongst the rest. Unfortunately, this is what platforms like Squarespace can limit you to: pre-defined templates that, whilst numerous, don’t bend to the full extent of your creativity.

Outsource to a developer, though, and there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish. Advanced coding techniques can bring any number of features to life, such as parallax scrolling, cinemagraphs and chatbot integration. Yes, you’ll have to invest in the coder, but their reputation should warrant it.

Relying on others, or relying on yourself?

It’s worth acknowledging that your developers could experience a set-back, either when building your website or maintaining it. On top of that, there might be delays in communication, as other clients vie for their attention. A good team of coders will make sure they touch base with you as often as they can, but the bad sort won’t pay you much me-time until the deadline approaches.

For some, bearing the responsibility is more appealing – any mistake or hang-up can be pinned on you, and you alone. That said, you’ll need to commit the time and energy to stay on top of things, whereas the right company will take this burden off your shoulders.

Security or anxiety?

Perhaps the greatest plus point for a business, on paper, is how flexibly a web developer can suit your requirements. You only pay for what they do. It sure beats hiring a full-time techy, who only leaps to action when there’s a problem or specific project to accomplish.

The best kind of developers will offer long-term support for your project, checking for bugs and ensuring site features are functioning as they should before and after launch. In a tangible sense, you’re also removing the nail-nibbling worry that an IT expert will leave your company, abandoning the site when it has to be in ship-shape.

Whilst D.I.Y platforms are attractive for a newbie entrepreneur, they quickly outstay their welcome. Most of our clients come to us, sooner or later, clamouring for a smarter, bespoke service that does everything you want it to. Interested in what developers can create from the digital ether? Get in touch with The Code Guy to discuss how we can help.

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