Millie - Project Geek

I never saw myself as a project manager, from the age of  14 I wanted to go into marketing and advertising; I think that's one of the joys of life, it takes you where you never expected.

I started my career with a degree in advertising and marketing; it was quite a broad degree with a year studying things like economics, finance, marketing, and statistics. I thoroughly enjoyed analysing some of the best advertising and marketing techniques and seeing how they can change a brand.

After my degree, I dived straight into advertising working at a small agency in London with one of my core clients being Johnson and Johnson (yep baby oil, suncream and blister plasters...glamorous). Unfortunately due to poor health I left the big smoke to put my new skills into practice in a local agency. This is where I met Paul at Intelligent Penguin, he turned me into a bit of a geek with all kinds of software and HTML. 

After a while, the bright lights of London were calling again and I was back on the commute, this time, it was to work on Samsung mobile. This fast-paced account was an amazing experience; working in an award-winning global advertising agency, publishing magazine adverts and billboards across the UK for some of the biggest mobile phone companies including Carphone Warehouse and EE. Once again life in the fast lane took it out of me but fortunately, The Code Guy was looking for a new project manager.

Starting at The Code Guy has been fantastic, using my experience in account management (cost estimates, finance, project management and client services) has been vital in working on The Code Guys projects.

No day is ever the same here and we have some amazing new software to work on ourselves. Working with Paul has meant I have had a real and valuable input into some of the projects we're working on. The difference with working with a small team to a global brand is you have a voice.

Although I'm primarily a project manager at The Code Guy I also have a wealth of experience working in marketing so am always on hand if you need advice or help. I have a real passion for seeing projects through and making sure all our clients are happy.