What is life like working with The Code Guy?

What is life like working with The Code Guy?

Everybody always asks how I feel about working from home; don’t I miss the office lifestyle? The answer is; not at all, the way we work online is like working in an office but full of people from across the world; different cultures, different day to day experiences and incredible knowledge.

Millie Burke

Like any normal office, we chat, have jokes and have dedicated channels to speak about work. There Is, one key benefit working from home; if you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere in the world.

Since starting work with The Code Guy my lifestyle has changed dramatically, from the £6000 a year I save in commuting to the enjoyment of my work. Due to the way we work at TCG your views and opinions are important in everything we do; from naming a new product to opinions on its development.

It’s not just product development that's important to us, its personal development too. As a team that was developed through freelancing, we know the importance of networking. If there are courses you want to join, networking events you want to attend we like to encourage it to develop your skills, and our business.

Our director, Paul, was named freelancer of the year in 2015; his incredible talent at managing and acquiring clients has provided him with a platform which allows his advanced skills in development to shine. This has meant our client base is diverse and varied; no two projects are the same and some of our latest work is at the forefront of technology.

Sure, working from home has its downfalls…when the trains aren't running you don’t have an excuse not to turn up to work and snow days don’t count either. But, I think these are outweighed by the responsibility you can have, the freedom it gives you, the dedicated team you get to work with and best of all, the lack of commute!

If you think you'd work well being part of The Code Guy's team...please drop us an email: imageek@thecodeguy.co.uk