Why Geeks Win In The Digital World

Why Geeks Win In The Digital World

The four-eyed age is here to stay. Ever since Silicon Valley beckoned our best and brightest during the dotcom bubble of the 90s, geeks have ploughed the way forward for the digitisation of everything we know.

The Code Guy is a haven for nerds, designers and web buffs alike, and we believe that this combination is essential to winning an online audience. It seems that the geek has inherited the earth, and here’s why…

Leaving egos at the door

Many web agencies are full of promises in the early stages but fall short when their commitment is put to the test. Being brash about how incredible they are may just be a load of hot air – bluster, plainly speaking, to distract you from the limits of their creativity.

Egos can undermine any collaborative effort, which is why it’s important to find a partner that bends to your vision, doing exactly what you outline in that first meeting. The Code Guy’s geeks take pride in really listening to you – our chief pleasure is delivering what we promise, just how you envisioned it.

Meticulous detail

Anyone who knows a geeky individual could probably reel off a list of their obsessions, and still be halfway to the real scope of what they love. Doctor Who, Star Wars and the Marvel movies have legions of fans that pour over every morsel of their production and mythos; this might form the cliché nerd crowd, but such traits cross over into coding, should he or she be that way inclined.

Essentially, businesses require close attention to everything, big and small, that goes into their web development. Geeks are used to keeping track of miniature details. That translates into thorough sweeps for bugs and anything that can undermine your site’s performance. It’s like a great comic book collection: everything in its place, arranged just how it should be.

Functionality first

In the pursuit of visual brilliance, razzle-dazzle (and too much of it) can mask a lack of substance. It’s the equivalent of a painting that’s jam-packed with details, none of which add up to anything of note. This is exactly what coding geeks balk at – slapdash results, with no practical, user-based functionality.

In terms of development work, this passion for perfectionism gets results that transcend what you might expect. Masterful back-end knowledge lets us back up any graphics or visual quirks with robust, reliable coding.

Our glasses have fogged up a bit, with all that excited babble… but we can’t help ourselves (as you may have gathered) from putting geeks on their proper pedestal. When researching your digital partner, it’s always beneficial to go for the introvert, the techie, the humble Womble of web development.

We can fill this role for you and so much more. The Code Guy’s development services are just what you need for practical, future-proof websites and software. Let’s sit down together, share a brew and talk about your next project…  

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