Why A Web Developer Is For Life

Why A Web Developer Is For Life

Like a sacred pair of socks, website design isn’t just for Christmas – it should be for life. While it’s true that many businesses are switched on to the perks of hiring a web development agency for online success, some don’t fully understand that our job doesn’t end as soon as the site goes live. No: we’re here for the long haul, and keeping a development team on board has many benefits.

Because we like sticking around – we’re perfectionists, really – it’s high time that the reasons for long-term web development see the light of day. Without further ado…

Testing your baby for the real world

All the hours, weeks and months that go into hewing the shape of a brilliant website are still, in essence, a blueprint for user engagement. Despite close collaboration and careful wireframing outlining how someone will explore your online portal, nothing is ever really certain until the site goes live.

If you aren’t able to rectify bugs or change parts of an interface, you’re essentially sending out a product that isn’t responsive to its audience – and that’s an antecedent for great conversion rates.

The Code Guy can update or manipulate web features depending on how many people are sticking around on a page, or deal with multimedia content that doesn’t load properly, to refine your website and the user experience.

Growing with your aims

A website is a big investment, so the last thing you want is to outgrow your online presence in a matter of months. If you start out small, and things pick up very quickly, you’ll be tempted to expand what your website can do, accommodating new offers, products or services.

Keeping a developer by your side makes it easy to diversify your digital playground once the business is ready for it. So you can simply build on the foundations you laid together, ensuring your website keeps up with your ambitions.

A lasting relationship

Many businesses learn the hard way that not all developers have the same high standards. When you find a keeper, it’s a good idea maintaining a close working relationship with your agency, even if you won’t need their help in the immediate future.

After investing in bringing a team up to speed with your business, and honing a specific approach that works, don’t let that relationship go stale. When you do need a helping hand, it’s much better to go straight to someone you know and trust, instead of relying on a new agency to pick up where they left off.

Sound reasonable? We think so. The Code Guy is over the moon to retain a substantial chunk of the same pool of clients, and we love nothing more than to follow your site through every stage of its existence. Contact us to learn more about our web development skills; who knows, our next partnership could be right around the corner…