The Art Of Video: How And When To Use It

The Art Of Video: How And When To Use It

There is definitely an art to using it, though, which can’t be underestimated. Too much of a good thing can harm the architecture of your website, which is why videos must be used like this:

Generating a buzz

A marketer’s dream is for any campaign to be anticipated by an eager audience. Inspirational stunts, like a sponsored mountain hike, rely on getting the reality of your story across to the public and making it believable. A tightly edited video can get the excitement, veracity and purpose of any promo campaign wrapped in a neat, one-or-two-minute package.  

We can turn to Norwegian travel company Hurtigruten and their ‘Plant A Flag’ video series, which shows explorers around the world and the lengths they go to. This is then linked to consumer aspirations, asking them to do the same on the holiday of a lifetime. If you can film a stunt like this on any level with artistry and an upbeat message, your home page will have a great, relevant centrepiece.

Simple demonstrations

Whether it’s software, services or a whizz-bang product that you’re trying to sell, visual demonstrations take someone by the hand, and show them what they should do or look forward to. Fashion, homeware, culinary stores and technical support are just some of the areas that can benefit from a step-by-step video guide.

It shows you care about the customer experience, which means you could include them with product/service descriptions if you wish. But don’t assume that everything needs a set of instructions; only implement these kind of videos when something is especially complicated.

Responding to the times

These days, the vast majority of uploaded videos are short and sweet. Bite-sized narratives are the order of the day, and your marketing efforts have to condense what may have taken weeks of preparation into a snippet of your brand’s activities. Brevity is key, and is what you choose to highlight.

Anything that runs too long will have a diminished impact. Users want answers, so get straight to the essence of your message in 30 seconds. And never, ever overload any web page with more than two or three videos, or load times will slow and visitors will feel overwhelmed.

Videos should be used to enhance the design of your site and crystallise your brand message. The Code Guy’s expertise in this regard is worth tuning in for – we can suggest and implement web features that make your media experience incredible. Call us today and see what else your online presence could use…

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