Tea-riffic Web Projects: Our Process

Tea-riffic Web Projects: Our Process

The Code Guy is proud to offer a fast, effective service for web projects, thanks to our unbridled creative capabilities that work around any briefs and timeframe you let us play with. 

As a taster of what we’ll do for you, let’s run through the fundamental process of getting web projects to see the light of day. It’s an exhilarating ride, and it all starts with a bubbling kettle…

Stage 1 – Action Plan

Let’s say you’ve contacted us out of curiosity, and we’ve invited you over for a preliminary chat. You’re sitting down with our team, a hot mug of tea in hand, and telling us what you’ve envisioned since the first twinkling of a venture dawned in your eyes. A great collaboration is afoot. 

Once we’ve heard your ideas, we’ll discuss how your website will look and feel. User experience will be our port of call, influencing everything from the site navigation to the homepage design and layout. We’ll do our best to portray the story of your business, one that will give customers a glimpse of your personality. 

Stage 2 – Prototype, Build & Test

After you’ve responded to our initial plan, suggesting changes and tweaks if needed, we’ll get our heads down. Prototypes are incredibly important – we’ve written before about their primacy for delivering great end results.

We’ll inform you every step of the way, letting you try out features in their incubation period, as we start developing ever more complex models. The buzzword for this stage is ‘wire framing’, which means adding gradients of user interface design and visual inventories to the project. 

Once we’ve landed on something you love, final coding elements come into play, as well as diligent testing to ensure that every aspect of your website works exactly as you anticipated – for instance, on mobile devices as well as desktops. 

Stage 3 – Go, Be Free!

The website’s ready for launch, looking as delicious as you hoped. However, our job isn’t over yet. We have to see if your shiny new website draws in all the attention we think it will. 

There’s little point running off in a cloud of dust after spending so much effort to get you here. Data analytics - the essential process of learning how users find your site and interact with the pages on it – will enable us to refine features based on the user experience.

Does all of this sound as exciting to you as it does to us? Hopefully, we’ve outlined our working parameters, clearing up any doubt as to how The Code Guy can catapult you to success on the web. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to start the process together with you at the helm…