Our new product - Skwish

Our new product - Skwish

It's about time we let you all know about our new project management tool called Skwish. There's been a lot of buzz around the launch of skwish and we're proud to let you know it's now live!

What is Skwish?

Skwish is our very own project management tool; when we noticed other project management tools weren't quite servicing us how we wanted we set about building our own.

Our aim at The Code Guy has been to solve business problems through code; it would be silly to neglect our own problem while solving others so we created Skwish.

What makes Skwish different?

There are lots of different project management tools on the market; all of them seem to do one aspect of project management really well but lack in other areas. Skwish has been crafted from our working industry knowledge and designed to make managing clients and projects at the same time, simple.

The approval process working with clients has always been complicated, that's why we've worked hard to include it in skwish. There's no more trawling through emails and skype conversations to find what was agreed on. With skwish tasks are approved by the client once they have been quoted.

Alongside the approval process, we've also included the standard features like work scheduling to ensure you and your team are always up-to-date.

How to sign up to Skwish

It's free for our standard user - at the code guy we like to give you as much as possible, so we've made sure you get all the amazing features on Skwish regardless of the type of plan you're on. The difference between the plans is based on the number of clients and staff you have.

To sign up to Skwish just follow the link www.skwish.co.uk/Account/Register and fill in the simple form. Skwish will guide you through the rest including making your first project and creating your first task.