Is Your Business App-Worthy?

Is Your Business App-Worthy?

Innovation and technology go hand in hand. Sometimes, this can resemble the chicken and egg scenario: do specific needs always motivate a solution, or can software solve a problem that didn’t seem to be there in the first place?

Regardless of your viewpoint, it’s generally acknowledged that businesses should capitalise on technology, staying a step ahead of the competition and making the most out of their resources and manpower. 

If you’ve ever wondered what bespoke app development can do for you, we’ve outlined how web and mobile-based applications can strengthen your business model and open avenues to customers that may have passed under your radar…

Project Management

With remote working becoming increasingly viable, for both employees and independent professionals, it pays to accommodate flexibility in your workforce. Apps can help you manage and collaborate with teams remotely, letting you access ideas anywhere, in real-time. Web-based platforms are ideal for drawing conversations and projects under one umbrella perspective. 
Online Shopping

Shopping apps are the next frontier of e-commerce, yet there are many permutations this tech can take. Wish lists, saved items, videos and Apple Watch features can all enhance an e-commerce app. However, it’s important to bear in mind that they can make these large applications more complicated than they need to be. Any details that streamline and personalise the shopping experience will be appreciated by your users. 

Time Tracking

Minutes in the day are your greatest commodity as a business owner – time management separates a successful venture from a disorganised mess, so you’ll do well to invest in an app that can track where you’re spending most of your attention. Bespoke apps can set reminders, keep tabs when you’re idle and even track the time someone spends on your website, depending on what metrics matter to you. 

Social Channels

Co-operation is key in business; without it, money will be lost, deadlines will be missed, and projects won’t come through to their full fruition. Apps like Yammer have identified a market for socially-motivated business solutions, allowing thousands of employees to discuss and feedback on ideas. It’s particularly useful for organisations spread far and wide, and when facetime with individual workers is not doable. 

Account Management

Bookkeeping is a burden for most employers, with payrolls, invoices and tax liabilities dragging the heels of the most hardened entrepreneur. Having an app that connects you to your accountant, or at the very least makes outgoings and ingoings digestible, saves so much hardship in the long run. You’ll pat yourself on the back when a pesky client is alerted the moment they go over their payment date. 

So, there you have it – whether you’re an established name or an up-and-coming company, using app-based technology can make your business smarter, more responsive, and generally easier to engage with. Creating tailored applications is our bread and butter, so why not get in touch to see how technology can transform your business?