IPSE Freelancer Awards 2015: The Aftermath

IPSE Freelancer Awards 2015: The Aftermath

It’s hard to believe that less than a year has passed since the IPSE Awards… we’ve been hard at work since then, and thought it high time we give you an update.

Once Paul had finally caught up on notifications and thanked all the well-wishers about becoming Freelancer of the Year 2015, it was time to get grafting. Besides the pretty cool kudos that the awards gave The Code Guy, it also gave an all-important boost to the business.

A generous prize pot and lots of support thrown in by the award sponsors meant that Paul was able to level up from freelance roots and invest in some exciting new innovations…

Two’s company

Working in a shed at the bottom of your garden never gets tiring; certainly not when you have cats curling up on the keyboard and kids popping their head round the door to check if you fancy a Lego break. However, as Paul’s workload grew, he knew it was time to partner up with someone who could share The Code Guy’s duties.

Enter Millie, a marketing whiz who decided to hang up her coat in the London agency world and adopt a new wardrobe as project manager with us. Having met in Paul’s previous life as Director of Intelligent Penguin, they instantly knew it would be a match made in geek heaven. Millie has done some amazing work on software and marketing since she joined the team in January.

A virtual lick of paint

As The Code Guy started on a shoestring, it was splendid to have the time, funds and expertise to give the brand a refresh when Millie came on board. So with the new year came a new look, as we redesigned the website and gave the brand a lick of paint.

We’re delighted with our new and improved branding, and think it sums up what our software development team does perfectly. Re-jigging the website also gave us an opportunity to showcase the new software we had in the pipeline, ready for the launch of our new products later in the year….

Smart new software

We’re never happier than when we’re deep into a coding conundrum, ironing out the infrastructure of a piece of software to ensure the programme goes exactly to plan. However, while we love working on challenges for our clients, Paul has been sitting on plenty of his own ideas too.

One such idea that has been brought to reality with the support of the IPSE prize pot is Skwish, a project management tool that The Code Guy has been working tirelessly to introduce to the world since the awards in November. Now up and running, this project, money and client management widget is going down a treat with the beta testers so far.

Didn’t we tell you we’d been busy? The IPSE Freelancer Awards 2015 were a real launch pad for The Code Guy, and we’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made so far in 2016. As we put the finishing touches to Skwish, we’d love to give you a whirl of our free online project management tool too. Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll take a closer look at what our software brings to the table.