How To Transform Ideas Into Workable Solutions

How To Transform Ideas Into Workable Solutions

It’s fun to dream big. The Code Guy has a constant stream of amazing ideas to play with, so much so that we feel like we’re eating digital cheese – that’s how often we emerge with creative gold, tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Nothing, though, is ever realised without taking practicalities and real situations into account. There’s a fascinating journey to undertake between the initial seed of a concept, and making it to the finish line. Ever wondered how the transformation from imagination to reality occurs? We’re here to pull back the figurative curtain, so here’s how the magic happens…

Step 1 – Brainstorming a vision

At the outset, we’ll stick the kettle on, draw up a comfy chair, and sit down with you to discuss what’s on your mind. In a hefty dose of conversation, we’ll ask about the history of your business: where you’ve come from, where you hope to go, and what your greatest points of pride are.

This stage aims to clarify your USPs and brand identity. We’ll also pick your brains as to the purpose of the website or app that’ll be launched. For instance, will it be a viable e-commerce platform, or something totally different, like a service portal with special user accounts?

Step 2 – Planning and design

Now that we’ve grasped the red-hot particles of your concept, it’s time to start planning how everything will tie together. There’ll undoubtedly be a bunch of pages shooting off from your home screen, so our main priority is to focus on what links will lead to one another, and how they’ll be arranged for coding to begin.

Next up is the design element – how will the site look and feel to a user? Colour, font, imagery and spatial considerations will topple into a cohesive shape. This is also where we advise on flashier features, such as video content, that should be dispersed moderately in the site architecture.

Step 3 – Technical development  

We rub our hands at this part: it’s where geeks like us get most excited! You can’t blame us, because coding is a very creative endeavour. Interactivity, for example, can be achieved by careful manipulation of JavaScript. Or, alternatively, we can include CMS (Content Management Systems) for the smooth application of your professional copy.

Throughout, our clients have full measure of what we’re building. The Code Guy’s techies can show you the developmental birth of your app or website, ensuring you’re happy with the steadily solidifying picture. We’ll distribute what’s called a ‘shell’ page across your web links: basically, a graphic template to follow and tinker with when the need arises.

Step 4 – Launch time!

After checking that a site or mobile app project runs just fine on various browsers and devices, we’ll unveil the final, functioning result in all its glory. Whether we’ve landed on a ‘long scroll’ storytelling approach, constructed a fluid checkout feature, or poured passion into unique Adobe Flash content, the whole package will be running like clockwork.

It doesn’t end there, though – our services extend to after-launch support, updating your website to deal with the slew of attention you’ll be garnering. The Code Guy isn’t just for a one-off assignment; we’ll give you long-term, sustainable assistance with any design or development concerns.

And it all starts with a chinwag! Contact us to see how we can bring your ideas into the digital flesh and blood of a workable web platform.