How code changed the face of the internet

How code changed the face of the internet

In the last 6 years, web and app development have changed in so many ways. Every company has a website and new apps are released every single day.

It's strange to think where some of your favourite websites started, and how advances in coding has changed the face of the internet.

Facebook is one of the most used websites today with over 1.5 billion users. Although its known as Facebook now it was orignaly called 'thefacebook' with a pretty simple, box style design.


Known for its simplicity, stunning designs and simple navigation. The company website in 1996 is a far cry from the sleek style we know today.


eBay really hasn't changed that much, the layout has had a slight tidy up but the real changes are behind the scenes with improved search functions, listings and automated bidding.



Google is used by millions of people around the world; these days we only really notice the logo changing slightly. Imagine what it was like back in 1996, these were the days when the world was unsure what the millennium bug would do to the internet.



Logging into the modern day Twitter it's hard to imagine how it looked back in 2006. It doesn't seem like that long ago but when you see the logo it all becomes slightly too familier.