5 Reasons To Give Skwish A Whirl

5 Reasons To Give Skwish A Whirl

The digital work culture of today doesn’t always flow as it should. Some common issues can muddy the waters between client and service provider: approved projects are delayed, rates can get lost in the mix, and team members might be unsure about the real-time status of their collaboration.

It’s obvious that every agency or freelancer should keep a close eye on their workload, but even the best intentions can be waylaid. That’s why Skwish, our free online project management tool, has been designed to pull up your organisational skills by the bootstraps.

“How?” we hear you ask. Well, here are five reasons why you should try us…

1. Master your schedule

Project management and time management go hand in hand; without one, you’ll never achieve the other. Skwish makes managing your time a doddle, keeping your team in the loop about what’s been done and what’s still to do with simple online scheduling, so everyone is clued up on the tasks ahead.

Whether you’re a project manager or a freelancer, you’ll see a breakdown of which projects are active or closed, sorting multiple projects and tasks into one holistic view to help you prioritise your workflow.

2. It’s easy to share

Sending files by email, and making sure all parties concerned have received them, can be a headache when you’re moments away from tying the bow on a piece of work. For smooth collaboration, you need a platform that presents files, feedback and comments in one place.

With Skwish’s project- and task-specific tabs, clients and team members can easily share the latest documents, multimedia files and comments between one another, accessible for all to see.

3. Extra costs aren’t a problem

It’s commonplace to adapt a project as it twists and turns towards completion, calling in additions and extra manpower when opportunities present themselves. However, misunderstandings over what further costs may be on the table can destabilise your client management efforts.

We don’t want that to happen – peace and harmony is so much better! – so Skwish lets clients know the score, outlining what charges are applicable for effortless online approvals.

4. Satisfaction gets the green light

Using a simple traffic light system, any scheduled project must be approved by the person who set the work in the first place. This lets team members know that they can consign one assignment to the ‘done’ pile before they get to work on something else.

Tasks awaiting approval are clearly designated, so it’s obvious when they’ve passed the client’s scrutiny, removing the stress of making submission changes when it’s too late in the day.

5. You have control, even at arm’s length

Since anyone with an internet connection can access Skwish, managing freelancers across different locations, time zones and skillsets has never been easier. We allow you to spread work out across as many channels as you like, all with the security of having the bigger picture right in front of you, wherever you might be.     

By placing organisation at the top of its hit list, Skwish really can do a lot for your client relationships, finances and ultimately business. There’s so much more to explore, so why not set up a free account and find out for yourself how Skwish can streamline your workflow?