5 Business Problems That Technology Can Solve

5 Business Problems That Technology Can Solve

And this is equally applicable to the realm of business, perhaps more so, as we always covet efficiency and clever-clogs solutions when making a living for ourselves. Don’t admit defeat for the following professional gripes, which modern tech can quite easily counter:

1. Knowing your audience

Data collection is a massive undertaking. Or, at least, it used to be before survey designs and the like were ramped up with 21st century programmes. Digital outreach tools can form decision trees, employ ‘skip logic’ and present findings in a digestible manner when you’re eager for the results. Big Data is big business in and of itself; there are near-endless solutions for grabbing consumer statistics, all to back your price strategies and marketing efforts.


2. Tight timeframes

Human capital is your greatest asset – yep, we’ve heard all this before. What’s making it more pertinent is the sheer amount of time that automated processing can save for you and your employees. In this function, technology takes your masterplan and tinkers with it – personalising email communications; identifying where a product malfunction has occurred; chatting with users on a website helpdesk, and responding to them as a person would.

3. Finite storage capabilities

Around the mid-90s, computers became essential to the workspace, and great, hulking machines were a common sight amongst offices around the world. These days, organisations of any size can outsource their digital storage to a Cloud-based sever, which could be geographically distant yet remain accessible on your screen within seconds. Hosting providers, full of technological promise, can simply up your storage package when and if the need occurs, so you don’t have to keep forking out for hardware.

4. Muddled collaboration

Thanks to tools like Skype, DropBox and Skwish (a free project management platform), there’s little-to-no chance of remote working going haywire. Collaborative assistants have enabled thousands of people, who might otherwise never share a room, complement their skills sets for the greater good of your brand. Only those who still use collective email streams will be threatened with crossed wires on deadline day.

5. Boosting your professional image

Lastly, we’d like to focus on the prime driver of your enterprise: having a crisp, contemporary introduction to what you do, supported by elements that incentivise people to reach out and hand over their money. Web development agencies like The Code Guy are supremely affordable for startups and SMEs, or more established companies that are thinking of an online overhaul. Coding technology has evolved in so many ways that it’s hard to quantify them all –  multi-media features, intuitive product catalogues and mobile optimisation are just some of the perks your venture can take for its own.

No matter what you excel at, we advise you to stay alert for the next mark on the business technology sphere. Everything’s changing so swiftly that your mind has to be open to how pervasive (and how available) digital solutions have become. For those keen to capitalise on the latest web and app development trends, turn to us for your sustainable coding fix; all you have to do is give us a call, and worship at the altar of this Brave New World…  

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