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Starting life as just a geek in a shed, The Code Guy has evolved into a powerful software development team, producing software and web based solutions as well as our own SaaS solutions.  Take a look around, read more about us, and maybe pop in for a cup of tea - kettle's on!

From rapid prototypes (something quick to test out your idea, see if it's feasible, try with a few clients before committing to a much larger build) to data manipulation and management systems, and of course websites, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps. This is our core - taking your idea, your problem, and solving it.  Paul  "The Code Guy" has vast experience in analysing a business, identifying issues, areas that can be improved on and speccing and ultimately developing a solution to improve your business.

We're your development partner- with stonking designers


ASP.Net content management and order management for bespoke websites...


Our tool of tools! Project management, bug tracking, client relations, marketing... 


Our innovative new way to order lunch

We continue to work on Find the Needle with ongoing maintenance work and updates to their website.

We give regular support and updates for Citizens Advice Uttlesford; with ongoing support we also get great cups of tea!

Online based patient/client referral web application and mobile app

Acticheck keeps your loved ones safe; we built the database, portal, service layer and communication system that works with the band. The product works with the Assure™ personal alert system, 3-tier web application.

A betting shop touchscreen display that offers news, tips, results and statistics for horse racing, greyhound racing and football

We have a long standing relationship with English Cream Tea; we now work to maintain and update their ecommecre website and enjoy all the wonderful treats they bring to our meetings.

We're ready to get stuck in whenever you are...it all starts with an email

...oh, and tea!

How To Transform Ideas Into Workable Solutions

It’s fun to dream big. The Code Guy has a constant stream of amazing ideas to play with, so much so that we feel like we’re eating digital cheese – that’s how often we emerge with creative gold, tailored to our clients’ requirements.

iOS & Android: Choosing A Platform For Your App

iOS & Android: Choosing A Platform For Your App

Techies the world over are embroiled in one debate, one that’s fought as furiously as two halves of a civil war – what’s better for developers: iOS or Android apps? Although Google’s platform has pipped Apple to the post in terms of hard, statistical popularity, there remains a quandary for any ventures in terms of what either option can mean for the end product.

Why A Web Developer Is For Life

Why A Web Developer Is For Life

Like a sacred pair of socks, website design isn’t just for Christmas – it should be for life. While it’s true that many businesses are switched on to the perks of hiring a web development agency for online success, some don’t fully understand that our job doesn’t end as soon as the site goes live. No: we’re here for the long haul, and keeping a development team on board has many benefits.

5 Reasons To Give Skwish A Whirl

5 Reasons To Give Skwish A Whirl

The digital work culture of today doesn’t always flow as it should. Some common issues can muddy the waters between client and service provider: approved projects are delayed, rates can get lost in the mix, and team members might be unsure about the real-time status of their collaboration.

It’s obvious that every agency or freelancer should keep a close eye on their workload, but even the best intentions can be waylaid. That’s why Skwish, our free online project management tool, has been designed to pull up your organisational skills by the bootstraps.

“How?” we hear you ask. Well, here are five reasons why you should try us…