Our tool of tools! Freelance Project management; bug tracking, client relations, quoting, finances, feedback, collaborations and more. What else could you want?

Some of our existing clients will know the benefit of Skwish already; we believe in our product and it's ability to simplify our client management process. It's hard to resist using your own product when it's solving a problem and making life easier. 

We plan to continue to develop and adapt the amazing features Skwish holds. The future of Skwish is bright; as one of the only freelance-specific project management tools, it features some unique and helpful elements for freelancers including our client approval system, quoting system, project management and time logging on tasks.

If you want to get in on the act and become part of the Skwish team, sign up for your free trial. It's only £1pm once the trial ends!

Skwish is also about to begin it's first round of funding with invesdor - if you feel like investing check out our pitch and register your interest here.

Find out more about Skwish and its features here.